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Energy Medicine: The Wave of The Future

Modern Medicine is Rapidly Approaching an Age Where Energy will be Considered

the Main Factor in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease.

The year is 2009. Patients are submerged in MRI machines that bounce magnetic fields off the body to diagnose disease, and surgeries are done with tiny lasers, without even puncturing the skin. Medical doctors now stand by in awe, watching fully awake patients receive open-heart surgery with only the anesthetic assistance of tiny needles placed on specific points.
Medicine, as well as science, has undergone a radical change in the last century. We have progressed from leeches and saws to "Cat" (CT) Scans and EKG readouts. Currently, the majority of our most sophisticated diagnostic tools are instruments that take energy readouts of the body.

Far beyond a science fiction fantasy, these are commonly used life-saving devices. Even more recent equipment includes computers that measure the strength or weakness of each organ in the body through sensors attached to the fingertips, similar to an acupuncturist taking a pulse meridian test of a patient.
In fact, all of medicine is presently reaching the point where energy will be considered the main modality in diagnosis, as well as in treatment.

Aging and Disease Slowed Down
by Tachyon Energy

When it comes to slowing down the aging process, as well as healing the body from ailments, and maintaining a healthy metabolism, new physics and ancient oriental medicine agree on a common solution: tapping into the unlimited Tachyon, or "life force" field. If this is the solution to our modern maladies, how do physicists and oriental physicians suggest that we go about accessing this field, and how exactly does it help us? Why do we age, and why do we get sick? Disease and aging, according to physics, are effects of "entropy".
Entropy is the second law of thermodynamics, and describes the tendency of all matter to be digressing to a state of increasing disorder.
All systems in the universe obey this fundamental law; living things fall apart over time. Man is no exception to this rule. Our aging process, as well as disease progression, even the deterioration of the coherent state of our mind, is due to entropy. However, although all life tends towards entropy, there also exists an opposing force that seems to defy, even counter, the tendency towards disorder. This "anti-entropic" force was named "Tachyon Energy" by Dr. Gerald Fienberg, a physicist at Columbia University in 1966.

The main attribute of Tachyon energy is its ability to hold the very matter of our universe together like a glue. Nicola Tesla, an experimental physicist, was one of the first to put Tachyon, (or "Gravity Field" energy, as he called it) to practical use. Best known for his inventions in AC electricity field, Tesla's goal was to provide an alternative energy source for all people. Physicists such as William Tiller, Ph.D., at Stanford University have devoted decades to the study of Tachyon energy, and it remains as yet a very new and exciting field in physics, as well as the implications in the use of the Tachyon field for health. Tachyon energy is fundamental to our existence, and we utilize it in all of our life processes. Digestion, for example, is the trans-formation of matter from a simple state to a highly organized, complex form.

Metabolism is also a "Tachyon" function of the body, as well as the healing of bones.
In fact, whenever you sustain an injury, the fact that the body knits itself together, as in after surgery, is a "Tachyon" effect. Our skin renews itself fueled by this force, and our organs maintain their function, and cleanse themselves using Tachyon Energy. Our daily vitality, according to oriental physicians, is proportional to the amount of Tachyon, or life force, energy that we attract and contain.

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A Medical Doctor's Perspective
by Dr. F. Ghaly, M.D.

"Tachyon Energy?"
My introduction to the field of Energetic medicine originally came abruptly. I held back a sarcastic remark as my colleague, Dr. Fontain insisted that a mysterious "Tachyonized™ Belt" had "made me feel 10 years younger... all my aches and pains are gone, and my patients are noticing the difference in my energy level."

By now, I am getting accustomed to these calls from colleagues. It seems that the medical field itself is going through a transition, and the doctors I associate with are increasingly more interested in non traditional methods. Also, having directed an international anti-aging clinic, many of my patients come from overseas and offer me a more progressive perspective on health.

Still, his claims did seem a little too incredible to be true, and I immediately shelved it in my mind under "U" (unbelievable). Yet, my investigative mind spurred me to embark on a search for other doctors' research on the topic. I found a paper written by Dr. Vlach, a family physician, and read that his father's suffering from a sciatic condition (back, leg and foot pain), and diabetes had been alleviated with the use of several Tachyonized™ items.

This information inspired me to look further, and I then came across a report from Dr. Pearl, M.D. She reported an energy increase in five out of five patients, recovery from degenerative disks, as well as intestinal problems, headaches, cystic mastitis, knee problems, allergies and success in alleviating a large varicosity on a patient's leg.
In a science journal "Raum & Zeit", a quote from a Dr. Scott included information on how a patient recovered from tendonitis of the foot (Plantar Fascitis). Following this, there was a published recommendation from a surgeon who had used the belt to "reduce pain from a ruptured disk" in his back. He reported his surprise at a "rapid healing".

The clincher for me was when I was reading a fitness magazine, and an Olympic gold medalist stated that, "With the Tachyonized™ materials, I healed in a matter of two weeks from a tear which the doctors had told me would keep me out of the Olympic trials." Impressed by fellow doctors' reports, I agreed to try a Tachyonized™ belt, at first just to satisfy my own curiosity. I was surprised to find that during the times I would wear it, I felt a surge in energy, especially in my normal tired moments in the late afternoon. Being a doctor, of course, I tried many experiments to make sure that the effects were not just a placebo. Despite my initial disbelief, I was astonished at the difference that it made. My family, also, has reported relief and healing from various ailments. Out of all the nutrition and exercise routines that I have tried personally, I must say that my experience in using Tachyon Energy was quite profound.

A Revolution in Physics Leads to Healing Technologies

Tiny particles of matter constitute our bodies and our entire universe, holding everything together only through dynamic relationships of energy. 99% of our physical body consists of "empty" space, which leaves the remaining 1% as the entire amount of physical matter that makes up our individual existence.
Albert Einstein estimated that the total physical mass of all of mankind combined would comprise the area of a baseball. Considering these facts, it seems rather ironic, that the majority of medical treatments available at present emphasize physical and chemical medicine, manipulation, and surgery. Wouldn't we be more effective and direct in addressing the problems of energy fields, if energy constitutes 99% of the body?

Renowned physicians such as Dr. Hans Nieper, M.D. (New York Academy of Sciences), are concluding that the discovery of "Tachyon Energy" within the previously assumed empty space of matter will create a revolution in our current view of medicine. In his book,"Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society", Dr. Nieper concludes, "Space is filled with a Tachyon field, the energy concentration of which is extremely high." Other scientists have calculated that the potential energy within the average sized person would be equivalent to approximately 150,000 liters of gasoline, enough energy to light up a small town.

With these discoveries, any doctor could undoubtedly agree that energy is more fundamental to our health than nutrition, exercise, or medical intervention. This assumption is not only based on the physics of energy, but also on the functioning of the human body.
Individuals with a very high polarization of their cellular system convert more Tachyon (life force) energy, according to Dr. Hans Nieper, pointing out that their need to eat is small compared to others. He suggests further that individuals with such a state of existence also seem to demonstrate a higher immunity to disease.

Chinese doctors, when asked about the secret behind healthy centenarians in their culture, explain this phenomenon as "individuals with high Chi (life force) energy". Einstein himself, when questioned about medicine and science concluded, "All of our endeavors are based upon the belief that existence should have a harmonious structure".
I personally believe this to be true, and after all of my research and experimentation, I also agree with Dr. Nieper's statement that the discovery of the Tachyon field will cause a revolution in technology, medicine and society. The age of diagnosis and healing with energy has arrived.

Robert Ziegler, a Certified Tachyon Practitioner and Member in good standing with the Tachyon Institute for Spirituality and Science (Santa Rosa, CA), is located in Central Florida. His practice is devoted to bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit complex through the utilization of Tachyon Energy.

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